Greta Scarpa Art Consulting operates supporting private and corporate collectors, developing or revitalizing art projects and serving as liaison with design, fashion and movie/theatre industries.


I am an Art Consultant and Curator specialized in supporting collectors and in developing exhibitions projects.

Furthermore, I revitalize or take care of art businesses and cultural programs and I serve as liaison with the creative industries.

Thanks to the experience I have acquired in New York, Turin, Berlin and Milan I have a strong knowledge in respect to the international art scene and its dynamics, which has formed a desire to work as an Art Consultant.

I worked with art galleries such as Martos (New York) and Daniel Marzona (Berlin) and as Curator in the context of The Others Art Fair (Turin). I founded Not-Peripheral, an Instagram based project and database that shows the most exciting art spaces existing outside the biggest art centers.

I am also collaborating for the launch of CFALive Gallery Program, a Conceptual Fine Arts Magazine innovative art project in Milan. CFALive space in via Rossini 3, offers properly curated exhibitions to a selected group of international galleries who wish to establish themselves in the long term in the city of Milan and Italy overall.