Corporate identity development and consultancy thanks to an accurate research work in the art market


Consultancy and brand identity development by means of an accurate research work connected to art.

The organization’s environment is a reflection of who you are and your values and a work environment that presents consistent artworks increases customers and employees engagement and satisfaction.

Businesses who collect or engage with art can improve their corporate culture, add a new dimension to their corporate social responsibility outreach, and significantly enhance their brand image. Connecting your company with art, may be related with your geographic position, can be a real strategic asset and is crucial in strengthening the relationship with the territory.  All that can be easily reflected in the market positive reputation of your business. Not bad, right?

My services are:

  • Proposing single pieces of art

  • Building an organic collection that reflects the clients’ identity and brand

  • Inventory of the collection

  • Curating tailored art projects: this could be a permanent annual or biennial program, a single exhibition or the implication of the artists on a site-specific or on a commission level