Supporting collectors to start buying and collect Italian and European emerging, mid-career and more established art


My role comprises supporting collectors to commence buying and collect emerging, mid-career and more established pieces of art.

My role is to responsibly procure artworks based on my clients’ needs and budget, with the addition of my taste and knowledge.

To buy a single work of art or creating a collection is a team job. To do that, trust is very important. I work transparently with my clients, providing them with all the necessary information so they know exactly how the budget is expended.

My services include:

  • Finding the perfect artworks based on my clients requirements

  • Building an organic collection

  • Art collection management

  • Curating exhibitions in private residencies

  • Involving the artists on a site-specific level to adapt an artwork to my clients needs

  • Walking my clients through art fairs, exhibitions, galleries, biennials, etc.

  • In the case of a very young collector, I provide my client with the “Basic Tools”: what to read and study to be constantly up to date, what is the proper language and technical terms to use in a conversation, how to approach artists and dealers and what are the most important and exciting galleries and non-profit spaces internationally.