Assisting private and corporate collectors and investors in the development of art projects or in their revitalization and re-actualization


Assisting private and public clients either in the development of art projects or in their revitalization and re-actualization.

Should the client like to produce a physical or a digital project, I can assist in its development.

I work alongside with my customer to:

  • Design and open a brand new art gallery or project space

  • Build a cultural program, a workshop or an artist prize

  • Create a culture hub that contains artists residencies and activities able to re-evaluate a city area

  • Create a public program for towns, cities, museums etc.

Alternatively supporting my clients with their business to:

  • Renew the company image and brand identity; rearrange the external communication

  • Eliminate the aspects that are no longer productive for the company, commercially or culturally

  • Incorporate new artists or cultural programs that are in accordance with the client renewed image

  • Identify correct commercial objectives in accordance with the business activities: what is the proper market to turn to, what are the investments to make in order to expand the company’s overseas presence and consequently increasing the incomes

  • Develop a strong on-line presence